Tuesday, February 22, 2005

This Could Be Huge

Some things hit you like a thunderbolt. You just know that what you've just heard is liable to change things forever. That the world will be radically different, maybe not today, or tomorrow, but once this new thing takes hold all the rules are changed.

This is one such development.

Read it. Take a moment to digest it.

Now, let's go over a few talking points.

The guy who wrote the postscript is right and wrong at the same time. To the radical utopian environmentalist, this is no solution at all, a waste of time, even a dangerous idea. This is something we'll simply have to agree to disagree on. It's an article of faith that any kind of combustion is PURE EVIL! PURE EVIL! must be abolished. You'd sooner argue a Catholic out of Original Sin as a doctrine. But, they're right that just switching sources of gasoline won't do much good. However ...

If we can delve into November's rant about energy policy, this actually patches a hole in my idea that had troubled me. Electrification of automobiles is all well and good, but what about aircraft? Helicopters? Rockets? These things aren't amenable to being hooked up to a charger. Even fuel cells won't help much. You still need gasoline for some purposes.

Well, here you are! We've got a method for turning trash into usable fuel, now. And at $8-$12 a barrel production costs, it's sure to catch on in the long run. And, let's not forget the key point:

It's not dependent on any particular place or nation.

Let's visit that point again:

It's not dependent on any particular place or nation.

Once this tech catches on, every developed nation will want it, and will be able to build it. It turns trash into oil fairly cheaply. Given a reasonable supply of electricity, it solves two problems at once. Running out of landfill space? Don't like buying oil from hairy primitives who'd just as soon slit your throat as look at you? Well, have we got a deal for YOU! Build a couple of these plants, dump your trash in one end, and pour oil out the other! No waste, no fuss, no muss!

Do note that energy isn't the only thing we need oil for. We make a lot of stuff out of petrochemicals. Oil can be repolymerized into plastics. It can be used to make pharmaceuticals. Lubricants. Medical supplies of all sorts. Fabrics. The list is darn near endless.

And it's all possible right here, within our own borders. None of this dangerous supertanker nonsense. We can make all we need, right here.

Ahhhh ... freedom. Sweet freedom.

It's there for the taking, if we're bold enough to reach out and grab it!

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