Monday, May 18, 2009

Video Del Fuego, Part XXI

Yet another in an on-going series about people who really, truly should have known better:

A lot of what shows up on FailBlog isn't the sort of thing I'd like to pass along. Some vids are quite unfair. Trying to jump a small ditch with a bike isn't inherently stupid, for example, and the scene is only amusing because the guy's equipment failed on him. But guys who jump off a roof onto a trampoline? Or guys who go hood-surfing with no one at the wheel? Fair game. If they had an ounce of sense they wouldn't have tried, and if pain teaches anything at all then they sure won't try again. I feel some empathy for today's featured hero, but really, doesn't this fall under the heading of not treating your equipment with the respect it demands? Remember, kids, if you mess with electricity, it'll mess with you right back. Reddy Kilowatt doesn't suffer fools gladly.

Even trained professionals occasionally bungle their taser-fu:

Personally, I think a Taser is more useful for self-protection than a handgun, but either one demands training in its use and handling, and sensible respect in storage and maintenance. Take it for granted, and it will bite.

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Burr Deming said...

Oh Mercy!. I'm definitely not gonna try much of that at home.