Saturday, December 20, 2008

Video Del Fuego, Part XV

This week on Video Del Fuego: Adventures in Mass Transit!

OK, boys and girls, take a note: You know that your rail system is fatally overcrowded when it takes four -- FOUR! -- policemen to shove the last few commuters into the car before heaving the doors shut. I pity the poor bastard whose job is opening the doors. He's gonna get an elbow in the head, or worse, as that mass of passengers blows out. It'll be like opening Fibber McGee's Closet of Commuters.

Mind you, each and every one of those folks getting shoehorned into the Railcar of Death paid for the privilege, and probably considered themselves lucky to get such a good seat.

And the nest time someone stops you from boarding a train or bus because there are too many already on board? Don't cuss him out. Thank him for being a pal, because this is what he's trying to prevent.

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