Monday, August 18, 2008

National Aviation Day

According to Wikipedia, August 19 is National Aviation Day. In honor of the event, I would like to present a few of my favorite "aviation oddity" photos.

(1) Adventures in Traffic Enforcement. Please, oh please, tell me this fool wasn't trying to pull a fighter jet over for speeding...

(2) Tail Number of the Beast. Apparently, Satan used to fly a Starfighter for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. Who knew?

(3) The Things You Find on Google Earth. Methinks some poor Lieutenant got lost trying to park his Eagle at Elmendorf AFB in Alaska.


FROM: Gen. Anger
TO: Lt. Fumducker
RE: Parking at Elmendorf AFB

Be advised that you turn LEFT off the runway to get to USAF Base Ops, and RIGHT to get to General Aviation. LEFT, not RIGHT. LEFT. Next time you do this, your ass is PUSHING that damn jet back.

(Note: I actually met a Major Anger once, call sign "Rage". He's actually a really nice guy.)

(4) Learning to Fly. Learning to fly is good. Learning to land? Even better!

These are my current favorites. More to come, infrequently, as I find them.

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